Feature Requests

Select & Change All Occurrences of a Specific Word in the Speech
Sometimes, instead of selecting a single word in one sentence of the speech, I want to select this word in all instances where it appears in the speech. Then I would like to re-record it, and have the changes simultaneously applied to all parts of the speech where this word appears. This is useful for whenever I need to change something in the speech, without having to re-record the whole speech. For example, I might need to change something like a name, date, location, or just something that I mispronounced. Once I re-record a word, I want to save it, in case I need to use it again later to fix other parts of the speech where I spoke this word, such as when the word wasn't transcribed correctly to have been picked up by the initial search. There are some challenges to implementing a feature like this though. One challenge is that a re-recorded word will not automatically blend in when applied to every part of the speech where it is spoken. Different parts of the speech can vary in their speed, tone of voice, excitement level, volume of the voice, etc. Therefore, the same word will not sound exactly the same in all sentences. So, the re-recorded version might not blend in well within all sentences. Due to this reason, in order to apply a re-recorded word to all parts of the speech where it appears, the new audio recording would need to be automatically modified for each sentence, in order to blend in better within the sentence where it is spoken.
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